We offer a 1 Year Warranty from original date of Purchase and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Returns and Refunds.

After first 30 days customer pays all return shipping costs. If warranty claim is valid, MEGATECHPC will return item to client at no charge.

MEGATECHPC Warranty will provide Email or “Live” Technician Support at no additional cost. If you receive your item and there is a problem, we resolve the issue ASAP. If the system must be returned for repair/replacement, we will repair/replace computer and ship back to you. Technician Support pertains to original hardware and operating system installed by MEGATECHPC only.

The warranty covers Hardware Defects and Originally Installed Operating System Support. It absolutely does not cover 3rd party software, games, internet speeds tests, 3rd party computer speed tests or peripheral and/or software installation support. It also does not cover physical damage, neglect, or unauthorized repair. UNAUTHORIZED REPAIRS OR REPAIR ATTEMPTS WILL VOID ANY AND ALL WARRANTY/WARRANTIES. MEGATECHPC Warranty covers the “BUYER” only, the original “Purchaser”, and is NOT TRANSFERABLE. Warranty valid only in the 48 continental United States. Data recovery is “NOT” included under any Warranty/Warranties offered by MEGATECHPC or PR SOURCE INCMEGATECHPC or PR SOURCE INC is not responsible for LOST OR DAMAGED data. BATTERY DISCLAIMER and WARRANTY WE DO NOT and CANNOT WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE LAPTOP BATTERIES.

All refurbished Laptops will contain a “USED” battery unless otherwise notified within ad/listing ad. Batteries do not have long “lives” as they degenerate over time. We do not and cannot test laptop battery longevity. We can ONLY run a diagnostic which tells us the battery is “working” meaning it is NOT shorted out or damaged. We DO and CAN guarantee the laptop will work properly using the AC adapter included in your purchase. Brand New Batteries can be Purchased Through External Merchants; Amazon, Ebay etc…

Support Procedure 1. email: support@megatechpc.com with your system issue. 2. A technician will with either continue with an email resolution or will request to call buyer within a certain time and day which works for both parties. 3. If email or phone consultation cannot resolve the issue. Technician will provide shipping options for repairs or full replacement. Upon Arrival: System will be tested. Original Hardware and Original Software issues will be resolved and unit will be returned to buyer at no additional cost. If technician determines problems are caused by user, item will be repaired for a $59.00 standard fee and shipped back at buyers cost. Final charges must be paid in advance no exceptions. If buyer declines repair fees, unit will be shipped back to buyer at buyers cost.


laptop batteries: they are consumables

*repair and/or replacement of Computer Products or Components damaged by accident

*abuse, modification or attempted repairs by anyone other than MEGATECHPC

*unsuitable physical or operating environments

*improper maintenance, intentional misuse of products

*tampering or removal of MEGATECHPC serial numbers or certification stickers

*failures caused by a product for which MEGATECHPC is not responsible

*acts of God including but not limited to floods, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

*installation issues with products purchased elsewhere

*software issues or unauthorized repairs/upgrades

*swapping internal components in computer systems will void the warranty, unless specifically instructed by MEGATECHPC technicians.

WARRANTY SUMMARY This limited warranty covers normal use. The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from failure to provide a suitable installation or operating environment for the product and/or accessories; damage caused by impact with other objects, dropping, falls, spilled liquids or immersion in liquids, software uploads, servicing not authorized by MegaTechPC, usage not in accordance with product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake or lightning, problems with electrical power such as power surges and problems caused by use of parts, components, services or software not supplied by MegaTechPC. Warranty coverage will not apply in the event the serial number has been removed, altered or defaced. This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from failure to back-up your data or other files, nor does it cover damage caused by programs, data, viruses or other files. MegaTechPC is not responsible for any loss of your data and recommends that the consumer maintains a back-up system at all times to rebuild or reconstruct lost or altered files, data or programs.