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Kids, Esports and Refurbished Computers Renewed for 2021

Kids, Esports and Refurbished Computers Renewed for 2021

August 31, 2018 – With the onset of gaming developing into a “professional sport” e.g. eSports, and with Universities offering eSports Scholarships, keeping your kids up on the current gaming trends will cost a small fortune. As with any sport we want our kids to have the best equipment. New, Used or Refurbished. Safety and Game play are the most common reasons. And we typically purchase the same equipment only larger and with little advancement. Computer technology advances at an unprecedented rate and keeping up on Brand New gaming systems can break the bank. Buying a New Computer as apposed to refurbished doesn’t always give you the benefit of a good warranty. Here’s a great example of a warranty for refurbished computers 1 Full Year from the Time of Purchase.

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Refurbished Computers for Gaming, Cost Advantages and Quality

Newly refurbished commercial grade systems are an advantage most people know little about. You can be one tic behind the current trends saving literal THOUSANDS and keep up with hardcore gaming. The cost benefit helps your bottom line. The quality of commercial grade computer parts, components and plastics are much higher. They’re more stable and a stronger quality product. They’re most commonly off-lease from Fortune 500 company’s or institutions. To make sure you are getting a commercial grade system find out where it’s from. You’ll find the source list short and sweet: Corporations, Municipalities, School Districts, Universities, etc. Believe it or not, the difference between refurbished computers and “box store” consumer computers is staggering.

Buying Smart Made Easy for Kids

To Purchase a 1 to 3 year old refurbished i7 system now (i7 being the latest greatest), installing a good video card and upping the ram is a smart buy. This will lead the gaming industry as more and more kids are coming to the age of computers. Youtube and Twitch expose our kids to the advanced technology gamers are utilizing. The Technology they see is out of reach for many families. A family that’s paycheck to paycheck, buying technology must be a smart buy. Everybody wants a deal and happy kids. Being reasonable can sometimes fall to the wayside. Kids and Smart Buying is a combination not limited to a $1500 dollar consumer grade computer being paid off month to month with high interest rates.

You can literally get super fast gaming systems at an average 70% discounted rate! Your kids can join in on eSport tournaments, Team play, Stream their game play on twitch, recording without lag for their youtube posts and much more. Here’s a perfect example of a plug and play system that will keep up with high level gaming computers, the HP zBook. Your kids will be ecstatic with joy as to the power this system has.

Under $500

For just under $500 you can get a refurbished system that conquers in gaming and offers full year warranty. And that’s tough to Compare. A system like this lasts a long time. As technology advances quickly the gaming engines used to run games doesn’t advance as fast. Gaming engines are utilized by many different game creators for games in the industry. So the Bottom line is, you’ll get your moneys worth buying refurbished and with a Full 1 Year Warranty you don’t get the feeling like you’ve been ripped off.

A Decent Gaming Computer Under $500 is an Exceptional Offering. Would a 1 Year Warranty and Free Shipping Give you More Incentive To Buy?

We Like to Think, Yes! Because That’s Exactly What We Offer.

Kids, Esports and Refurbished Computers Renewed for 2021

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