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CryptoCurrency Payment Solutions & Mass Adoption

CryptoCurrency Payment Solutions & Mass Adoption

Our decision to add cryptocurrency to our purchasing options comes at a time of global economic evolution. Many Countries are no longer at the mercy of international banking institutions. Mass Adoption has given them independence. They’re taking control of their economies by freeing themselves from the strangleholds of fiat currency. As many Fiat currencies hold little to no value. 

Purchasing power is to their advantage with less conversion fees, less transfer fees and less processing fees. Peer to Peer direct transfer through #Blockchain technology and smart contracts have paved the path to economic freedom.

As more companies and people become educated to the benefits of cryptocurrencies through crypto-moguls like Dee Duncan @pundixrevolution A North American PUNDIX NPXS XPOS Representative, Mass Adoption is eminent. His crypto revolution knowledge base is extensive. He offers daily Vlog insight which is his education platform. Through his efforts #MegaTechPC has become “Woke”

bitcoin discount computer

We are now a part of the Crypto Mass Adoption required to catapult this economic revolution Stratospheric and beyond! And we’re starting with Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, and PundiX NPXS.

We’re sure these new purchase options will open the doors to a true global market free of traditional fees associated with fiat currency. And as Mass Adoption increases, we will add more crypto options.

See Demonstration Below:

We would like to Thank Dee Duncan for his tireless efforts to encourage and educate the masses about cryptocurrency. For his daily vlog and posts you can find him here: and on instagram @pundixrevolution website:

CryptoCurrency Payment Solutions & Mass Adoption

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