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Coronavirus (Covid-19) New Precautionary Measures 2020

To Our Loyal Customers,

Due to the global affect of Covid-19 we’ve Implimented New Precautionary Measures 2020-2021.

MegaTechPC has added extra safety measures for our staff and customer base. These measures are to reinforce our commitment to the safety of our employees. The Quality of our product and Customer Service provided to our customers. And the safety of our Customers. Before your system(s) leave our warehouse, they are not only cleaned through our standard refurbishing process but also fully sanitized before being packed and shipped.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) New Precautionary Measures 2020


Over a month ago (January 2020), MegaTechPC employees started wearing masks and latex gloves during working hours. This Measure is now mandatory and without exception. While refurbishing and packing product all Technicians and warehouse employees wear protective gear. Anyone ill or suspected of illness (any illness), which has not occurred, will be instructed to stay home.

Providing a top quality and fully sanitized product with these new safety measures offers a level of safety we feel is absolutely necessary moving forward.  Rest assured, we make everyone’s safety our top priority.

MegaTechPC stays up to date through online news sources such as who provide global headlines updated hourly. This News Headline source gave us the important information to make the concerted decision to start protecting our employees and sanitizing our products well over a month ago and We consider ourselves industry leaders in customer safety.


These new measures do not guarantee 100% effectiveness in killing the Covid-19 Virus. We cannot offer a guarantee of that claim however we will sanitize every system to our best ability.

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