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Contactless Payment System 2021 Accept Fiat and Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin

The Future is Upon Us!

Global commerce has evolved into a contactless payment system providing a multitude of currency options and added security. Banking and Financial institutions are adapting to new technologies such as Blockchain. Centralized banking and Finance are succumbing to a Decentralized system (DEFI) and opening a new world of commerce to the globally “unbanked” population.

Contactless Payment System 2021 

Leading the Charge in Contactless Payment Systems is Pundi-X and it’s XPOS Contactless Payment System. They’re making digital currency and contacless payment systems accessible all of the world.

Their XWallet Provides a seamless Offline and Online Blockchain Transaction option to buy and spend digital assets. Purchase goods and services with no fees and access DApps (Decentralized Applications which exist and run on Blockchain)

MegaTechPC offers the Contactless PAX A920 through PundiX and Clear Choice Payments to accept both traditional Fiat Currency, Credit & Debit Card and CryptoCurrency. These options are NFC Contactless, QR Code Scan, Mobile and Wallet Payments, Chip & Pin and Swipe.Every form of Payment option available. Even online options for your website store.

If you’re a Cannabis or Hemp Product Reseller, Contactless Payment System 2021 & the XPOS which accepts Cryptocurrency is a viable option as you can also sell Crypto. Traditional banking institutions are not involved.

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Accept and Sell Bitcoin without Volatility

For Resellers who offer non-restricted products, the PAX A920 offers both Traditional and CryptoCurrency options. Upon your purchase, you’ll be put in contact with BTCKING for your XPOS Cryptocurrency Payment System Registration and a Payment System Representative from Clear Choice Payments.

PAX A920 Contactless Payment System
XPOS PAX 920 Contactless Payment System
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Accept Fiat and Crypto / Bitcoin

For CryptoCurrency Consultation please contact Dee Duncan Fintech Advisor to MegaTechPC and North American Representative for PundiX XPOS Payment System.

For Traditional Payment System Consultation please contact Wayne Daniel at Clear Choice Payments.

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