You are currently viewing 2020 / 2021 Renewed Computers and HIPAA Compliance Deadline

2020 / 2021 Renewed Computers and HIPAA Compliance Deadline

2020 HIPAA Compliance & Renewed / Refurbished Benefits

Supported Renewed – Refurbished Systems and HIPAA

Anticipation for 2020 product lineup is growing. Newer Gen laptops and desktops including Mini’s will become available to consumers and businesses at up to 70% discount. Renewed/Refurbished newer Gen Processors will give business owners larger capital savings after upgrades.

2020 Renewed Computers and HIPAA Compliance

Businesses required to follow government compliance regulations will be happy to know that all the newest refurbished – renewed systems will have the latest version of Windows 10 PRO. Therefore security requirements that were previously approved under Windows 7 will now be up to date. Windows 7 is no longer Supported. Support end date is January 14th 2020.

The Medical Industry is widely effected:

As HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance regulations loom, hardware upgrades and data protection are a necessity for hospitals and medical offices. Deadlines are approaching and compliance inspections will occur by April 2020.

HIPAA Security Rule sets the national standards for ePHI handling from physical “paperback” to electronic “computer” data. The safeguards are in place to protect patients information and compliance is mandatory. A summary of the HIPAA rule can be found here.

Upgrading with newly refurbished / renewed HIPAA compliant systems at an average 70% discount with a 1 Year Warranty and Free Shipping takes the bite out of mandatory compliance regulations costs.

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2020 Renewed Computers and HIPAA Compliance

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